Grit Bins

The Council is responsible for the maintenance of grit bins around the town.

Dorset Council will fill all grit bins in Sturminster Newton before the start of winter, and they are thereafter replenished upon request.

Not all bins are replenished throughout the winter free of charge. All of the grit bins on Dorset roads are classified as either 'strategic' or 'community' bins. Dorset Council will fill the strategic bins free of charge with the Town Council paying for the top up of the community bins.

Please contact the Office on 01258 475136 or use the Contact Form to notify us if a bin needs re-filling.

Dorset Council aim to re-fill bins within 72 hours after a request has been made.

We ask you to bear in mind the following guidelines when using the grit bins:

The grit is for use on public footpaths and highways and NOT private paths and driveways.

The amount of grit needed to treat 1 square metre is a very small amount – only 15-20 grams. For best results clear the area before gritting.